Landscape Architecture 12: Environmental Sciences for Sustainable Design (UC Berkeley)

Co-Taught Matt Kondolf & Robert Lemon

Course Overview: Landscape Architecture 12 is designed to introduce students to the interdisciplinary field of environmental science as a basis for sustainable development, planning, and design. The course combines lectures that provide a broad overview of the discipline with lab/discussion sections to give students hands-on field experience with local environmental issues such as stream ecology, air pollution, energy use, biogeochemical cycling, and introduces general concepts and specific strategies for sustainable design. The lab/discussion sections for LA12 are primarily field-based to get you away from the books and into the real world, experiencing your local environment. Some lectures cover material related to section work, while other lectures are intended to introduce students to a wider range of environmental issues and scientific problems. The instructors, GSI, and guest lecturers provide lectures. 


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