Oklahoma to Vietnam: A Conversation with my Father (2014)

50 minute Feature Film currently in Pre- Production.


Estimated 50-60 minute film. Production over the year 2013 in North Eastern Oklahoma; Washington, DC; Quantico, Virginia, San Antonio, TX; and throughout South and North Vietnam.

Oklahoma to Vietnam is a film exploring my father’s Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) as it relates to place and landscape. My father was born and raised in Oklahoma; in 1963 he joined the Marine Corp and was one of the first Marine’s deployed to Vietnam. Since his return from the war, he has obsessed over 1964 and Vietnam; the landscape of war and its place in time haunt him. Indeed his PTSD is triggered daily by emails about the Marine's and Vietnam. This film is a father son conversation as we journey into my father’s emotional past. Through this exploration, we visit the rural northeast landscapes of Oklahoma and the shadowed ground of Vietnam. In an attempt to recreate my father’s emotional state, the film will stylistically portray moments of chaos and serenity through the juxtaposition of sounds and images of Vietnam and Oklahoma; as my father remembers these places, and as they are today. Today my father still finds peace in the Oklahoma landscape. Is it the childhood memories of place that fill his mind with a time of innocence and happiness? What waits for us when he returns to Vietnam 40 years later? This is also an attempt for me to better understand how the Vietnam War has affected our family and to elucidate the PTSD issues of the Vietnam soldiers who are still alive today.

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